Novelty Fun Activities
Make A Pixie Stick Fun!
Available in 6" and 12" straws
over 20 different candy flavors!

Live Game Shows With Comedy Hosts!
Spin Art  
Options include: 5 x 7 cards and frames, 8 x 10 cards and frames
                              Frisbee's, T-Shirts
Sand Art
Bottles of All Sizes and Shapes
Necklace Bottles of all shapes
Key chain Bottles of all shapes.
Great for School Carnivals
Company Picnics
Birthday Parties
Family Reunions
Church Events!

The Birthday Chronicle
Perfect Addition For Any Event or Occasion!
Print Out Give Away Keepsakes For Your Guests
Gives you info about the day and year they were born!
Keepsake is suitable for framing!

Can also be ordered by individuals!

Fortune Telling & Astrological Fun
for Entertainment Purposes Only!
Choose from a variety of fun options for all ages!
Astrological Print Outs
Kiddie Fortune Teller Booth
Palm Reader for Adults
Card Reader for Adults
Psychic Readings for Adults

Dunking Options
Dunk Tank
Dunk Cage
Hole In One Shower Dunk
Reverse Dunk Tank
Balloon Launcher

Hole In One Dunker

Money Blower Machine
Use money or coupons
10 Color Spinning
Prize Wheel
T-Shirt Painting  Tye-Dye Activity
"Bead It" Activity
Key Chains
Name Beads
Theme Beads
Patriotic Beads
Sport Beads
& Fun Designs!

Name Meaning Print Outs
Fun For All Ages!
Select from a variety of decorative or theme papers for this keepsake!

Can print single names with their meanings
or dual names with meanings.
Astrological Print Out
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Teddy Bear Stuff Activity
We bring out the machine, the stuffing, the bears or other animal shapes if requested, and fun accessories and clothes for your new animal. 
You choose your own, turn the crank to fill, put in your heart, and your ready to go!  Animals can also come with
Birth Certificates!
This can also be used as a fundraiser for your group.